Who is this Bruce Gombrelli guy?

“I’ve tried so many different things in my life because I love to learn about new ideas and activities. This basic premise has guided my life.” – Bruce

“I’m a life examiner. I want to live many experiences and be mindful of my existance. I want to take care of what I have in this life and be a creator. ” -Bruce

Things I definitely know for sure..

– Change is a necessary part of existence.

– Everyone has their own path through life. Don’t pine after others lives, Enjoy your path and respect theirs. Their solutions may not be your solutions.  You’re life is ultimately your own, take good care of yourself.

– Be a builder, diplomat and organizer, it will help in all areas of your life.

The Design Engineer 

On the technical side Bruce holds a degree in Electrical Engineering and Software; With almost 30 years of coding under his belt he has also studied physics and neurology at the university level.

Bruce tends to be instantly attracted to anything related to science, so it not surprising that he would venture into other areas around science and technology.

The Artist – Life Long Hobbies

Bruce is a musical artist.  He composes, performs, engineers and produces Retro British Pop Music among other styles.

Other activities, in the past or current (in bold are current)

Downhill skiing, West Coast Swing Dancing, Night Club 2 Step, Biking, Figure Skating (ice), backyard mechanic, armchair philosopher, So Bahk Doo, Ju Jitsu, and other activities.

Bruce’s Quotes:

Sometimes I say heady stuff…..here’s a few of my personal favorites I made up during my life so far….

“When we are young we have lots of untouchable idols we don’t know personally, we want and dream to be like them or meet them.  As the years go by, those idols end up being our friends and we respect and admire them.”

“Sometimes you just have to give a little space in your live for good stuff to happen, and then it does”

“There’s a difference between the idea of quitting and being smart enough to know when it’s time to move on to something else.”

“We are all just nuts trying to avoid the squirrels”

“If what you do doesn’t make you passionate, be passionate about what you do, then it will become that way”

“You can’t always gets what you want, you get what you get, then you try to do something awesome with it”

“It’s always good to try to do something well and yet not be attached to the outcome, instead focus on what is discovered while doing it”

Website links you shouldn’t be without

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