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Presents NEW Retro 60s 70s Pop Music – The wonderful music of yesteryear Born Again! It’s almost like it never left…

Bruce’s music is promoted and published by Unlimited Power Records

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Here are a few of his Bruce’s music videos…go to the website above to see all the music.
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Video Released in 2016

“Here I am!  I’m still writing. I’ve over-tasked myself with the job of composing, performing, recording, mixing and producing my own material but I love it, and I hope you’ll like the results” – Bruce

You can find his music on his website or on CDBaby, ITunes, Spotify, Amazon and other places. The EASIEST way to find it and find where to buy it is via the Unlimited Power Records website.

“Unlimited Power Records is proud to promote Bruce Gombrelli; a Retro 60s 70s Pop Artist! Bruce’s music is not designed like current Top 40 material but rather wonderful endearing music that evolved in years gone by and he nails it. It’s a splash of the best 60’s, 70’s an 80’s sounds with a mod twist. The music production sounds quite similar to what was created by the likes of producers in that earlier era, George Martin and more. You’ll hear Beatles, Badfinger, Yardbirds, Spirit, Raspberries, and many other bands. You’ll hear Harmonies, Horns, Sitars, Strings, Synths, Rhodes, Harpsicords, and many different instruments and sonic layers, with acoustic, 12 string, and electric guitars. All I can say is, what a incredible journey back in time with brand new music, catchy lyrics and deep musical content all done in a retro style of yesterday. The steampunk Genre would even be proud.”


What instruments do I play and do I perform all the musical tech work?

My main instrument is guitar (Acoustic, Lead, Rhythm and Bass), then keyboards, then drums. I also love instrumentation (strings, horns and the like). I started on drums and was formally trained on percussion and a bit on the piano. I play mandolin, uke, harmonica, synths and played around to a minor extent with the alto sax and flute. I also do my own vocals and vocal backing, along with all the technical part of recording and what not.  Learning to record, mix and produce songs all by yourself is MUCH harder than you think it might be!

Have you released any music?

Quite a bit and I am continuously releasing tunes all the time.  Well, my backlog of songs waiting to be produced is getting quite big actually.  I’ve released both on CD and Digitally but mostly focus on Digital these days.

Where do you get your inspiration?

Music pretty much just pours out of me, lyrics take more work these days because I’m always searching for inspiring topics. I’ve been influenced by SO many bands though the years. I play with all kinds of ideas and love creating the Retro  Pop Rock  sound. When I rewriting it, I think, “So there! It’s still alive and it’s part of me”.

What about the current music scene?
Loaded question. Let’s just say I don’t believe in popular music and the “Bizzy Candy” songs that are produced and have the depth of a shallow pond.  Somewhat lost are the deeper songs that seem to mark your life with a mark that you can keep coming back to. The flash songs of today are the mud of tomorrow and are usually something I quickly tire of, but there are good musicians out there but they are often caught in the trap of now. So I write songs for then that are now. Songs that mean something to me and they have more complex structures and textures. There are a few artists that I do like their new material…I just can’t think of their name at the moment…

So where is your music going?  Another New video that I’ll be producing. More Music! I want to dig into more song structures and design.   Lots of Retro British Pop promotion. People like this stuff!! So, a lot of energy is to continue exploring the genre of Retro Pop music. It’s not about the money, I have a day job. What I do care about is my art and I love listening to my own stuff on Spotify, stream away world, I’m good with it. Put me on your mobile phone and stream me. Let me mark a moment in your life with ONE song. That’s all I ask….Let me bring a smile to your face, and take you to a happy place….